Collection: Life Wish™ Collection- hand stamped personalized just for you!

Make it Happen!  

This is my qualifier...wishes are great, but one has to take action to make them happen!

Tangible Mantras  ~ Personalized Rings, Bracelets, Charms.

Life Wish™ Charms act as tangible reminders for what you value, desire, or long for out of life…or what you wish for your mother, daughter, sister or friend!

Throughout this collection all of the words on each charm, bracelet or ring are stamped letter by letter, therefore, the letters and or the words may not be stamped in perfect alignment. If you are particular and want my hands to be more machine like, please let me know and I will do my best to achieve perfection! 

This hand stamped, personalized jewelry collection has an abundance of options in shape, size, and layering choices.  I am a one woman shop, therefore, do not have a large staff to take care of producing all of the options and photos to put up on my site, so please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests. I can make many combinations, oh so many!

  • Material: Sterling silver. (Available in 14K Gold by request)
  • Approximately 4mm wide, length of each charm will vary by the word length.
  • Charms have a high polish.
  • Handcrafted by me in my studio in Austin, Texas.