Spiral Wrap Sterling Silver Ring
Spiral Wrap Sterling Silver Ring

Spiral Wrap Sterling Silver Ring

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Two spirals elegantly shaped like a pea vine that has two ends curling up on each other.  Each ring is made to order, so the size of the spirals will vary slightly from this image, which is great because if you have a preference for a smaller or larger spiral, I can accommodate!

The Spiral Wrap rings are also adjustable to some extent which makes them great gifts if you don't know the exact size of someone's finger or if you are someone that likes moving rings around on your fingers!

I create each one separately, so I can make one that is more delicate, smaller spiral or larger spiral...many options, so just contact me.

Available to ship Size: 6-9 (adjustable from 7-9)

All other sizes will be made to order.  I can make in whole, half or quarter sizes because we don't all fit perfectly in the whole sizes.  Depending on the ring design, the design can change depending on the size. Made to order pieces - design will vary slightly from the photo, as each ring is handcrafted just for you!


  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Design will vary according to size. 

Jewelry by Carianne is handcrafted in my studio in Austin, TX  USA. Although I do have some jewelry on hand in my studio, many of my pieces are custom crafted.  My intention is to make pieces that feel good to the touch, and for you to feel the energy and love that I put into crafting each and every piece that leaves my hands.