~ The gift of a Tibetan bracelet, the suggestion of a silversmithing class, the inspiration to just jump, and many years later, a life that I love! ~

~ Handcrafted jewelry of silver and gold, stones, and the spirits of an ancient past. ~

The short of it is that I fell in love with metal and having fire in my hands!

The long of it is that I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures whose beliefs and symbols shape their world distinctively and thus I received a BA in Anthropology to further my curiosity. There have been endless sources of US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand has given me endless sources of inspiration. Each culture reveals its history and its mark on the world through their art, and this is one inspiration point for me.

When not traveling, I continue to take in a myriad of cultures by reading and taking in images of tapestries, architecture, and miscellaneous artifacts. As I am working on pieces, I feel as if I'm tapping into these cultures and create from that cultural space.

Cultural influences are flowing in me, and I continue to be inspired by nature, and truly just by living life! My intention with most of my work is to create talisman like pieces that look and feel as if they have been made by someone from an ancient civilization, and steeped within the metal, a hidden meaning or story that awaits for the wearer to discover. 

I find that each person is drawn to and sees my cultural influences through their own life experiences.

Most of my work is lost wax cast in sterling silver and gold. Utilizing the ancient “lost wax” technique, a 6000 year old technique that by that fact alone intrigues me, starts with a design that  I either hand carve, sculpt and/or paint wax on wax to create the original model, and then, the way shorten version is that I shoot molten metal into the wax to create the solid piece. The longer version you can check out on my facebook feed...casting saga.

All of my pieces are created with ethically sourced materials in my studio in Austin, Texas.