Hello, hello... Carianne here...text me, call me, send me an email...I'm here for you!

I want your online experience, as well as mine, to be as enjoyable as if we were meeting in person at an art show, so please feel free to reach out! 

At an art show, you seek me out because you see something that draws you into my booth, and there I can tell you stories behind each of my pieces.  

Online you have sought me out because we have meet at a show, or you found me by going down the jewelry rabbit hole into the millions of independent artisans, major jewelry brands, and all of the other sites that we get lost in, and I,  thank you for stopping, looking and contacting me! 

It makes me quite happy to hear from people across this world of ours, and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Studio times vary, but I always respond. If you don't hear back from me, please reconnect, as cyberspace may have interfered!

Contact me directly about special requests or custom orders:

Use the form below or ...


Call me:
Feel free to call me too at 512-554-1351 during my business hours from 9-6 CST, but know that if I'm working in the studio, I can't always hear the phone ringing over my tools, so just leave a message and I'll get back to you. And, I do please be considerate.

Text me:
Please make sure to start out by providing me with your name, so that I can be polite and not wonder if you are an existing client or new!

In person: Shows // Studio in Austin, Texas, but it's by appointment only.