Jewelry Care

 ~ Sterling & Gold ~ wear, store, wear store, repeat...

  • Yes, sterling silver naturally tarnishes, especially when exposed to humidity!  Argh, but love sterling silver!
  • Typically, the oils in your skin will protect them from tarnishing, although this is not true for all people. 
  • Take jewelry off if you are cleaning with any harsh chemicals.
  • If you are one to go swimming in a chlorinated pool or jump into a hot tub...DON'T!!   Tarnishing will happen faster.
  • Dare not go into a natural hot spring where sulfur content is high, sterling silver will turn black instantly.
  • When you are done wearing a piece try to store them in an airtight container to keep moisture and oxygen away.
  • NOTE:  I have bought anti tarnish cloth at a fabric store to store my jewelry in when I take it to shows and it works extremely well!

 ~ Cleaning ~ 

  • If your pieces do need to be cleaned, gently use a soft jewelry polishing cloth. I have polishing cloths in my shop, but you can find them other places online.
  • You can also take a little warm water with some gentle soap and a soft toothbrush. Make sure to completely dry your pieces off to ensure the sheen.
  • Be careful when cleaning your chains, as depending on the type of chain, they can be more delicate.
  • Best to be careful when cleaning pieces with stones as well, and use a soft brush and soapy water. 
  • I say never using any jewelry cleaners or polishing abrasives, as they tend to make matters worse, plus most of my work is oxidized (blackened), and cleaners will take this off.
  • Gold can tarnish over time if it remains in contact with your ear posts! 

In general, take care of your pieces so that they last a lifetime!  

Stones can break, metal can be scratched, oxidation can wear off, most things can be repaired, minus stones breaking!

I don't have many people contacting me about broken jewelry, but it does happen, and please let me know so I can fix it!  Some things that I have encountered over the years:

  • Earrings lost - Woo hoo!  Good News ~ whether you lose one or both earrings, because I make them, I can replace them! 
    • Lost one? I can replace of half the cost of the original.  To get the best match, it's best to send the one back to me so I can make sure that the earrings match as closely as possible.
  • Ear Threaders break - the earrings with the chains are delicate as I typically tell everyone that buys from me at a show!  Nevertheless, things happen.  I can replace the threader or repair it.  Contact me.
  • Chains breaking - Ok, chains can break. 
    • Although I don't make them, I do test them to make sure that it is a high quality chain. 
    • If you feel it's a defective chain, I will replace it within the first 6 months, but not if it's due to normal wear and tear or accident.
    • I can still fix it or replace it, but it will incur a charge (depending on what happened), plus shipping!