Contact me as soon as you have an issue with anything you have purchased from me that needs repair.

Because of the nature of my jewelry, I typically don't have things that need to be repaired due to defect, with the exception of chains that I purchase that are manufactured. I take care to make sure that what I'm sending out to you is in perfect, I'd be happy if I got it, condition, that being said, things happen, mistakes are made!

If you find a defect within 30 days, I would be happy to take a look at it and discuss, after 30 days, I will still be happy to discuss, so just text, email or call me. Charges may or may not be incurred depending on the nature of the repair. Sometimes people are just hard on their jewelry!

Do not use any harsh sterling silver cleaning chemicals as they can break down delicate chains over time.

If you have any further questions just text, email or call me.

Studio hours are 9-7.

Texting is the best method for me, but contact me as you wish.

Calls I may not hear over tool noise.

Happy to help...