Wild Thistle Collective

 Wild Thistle Collective - founded to introduce our clients to other, new artists we love!

Founded 4-11-2020

It’s so crazy how life unfolds and what a pandemic can do to inspire action! 

For years we have unconsciously been working on this collective as we have traveled together, shared hotel rooms and food, told stories that have our cheeks hurting and others that have left us with tears rolling down our faces, and at the start of it all, we have admired each other’s artistic creativity and entrepreneurial spirits.

Yes, yes, an all around love fest that has created this tight knit group of friends fearlessly supporting each other in whatever way is necessary. (Support that has included - surviving tornados, floods, tire’s popping, and four women to one bathroom!)

Mutual admiration started us hanging out together and it was natural for each of us to promote each other at shows by having our customers “check out our friends booth”. We want to have fun with this collective (and this pandemic, if that is even possible) and formally introduce our customers to this collective of artists, to our friends.