Creating New Structure

I am a person that is caught in the middle of not liking structure and knowing that structure is what it takes for me to get things done.  I fight myself constantly.  I have an alarm that goes off each Monday morning prompting me that it is "business agenda" time, an hour during which I plan out my week/month or long term goals.

Since coming home from my last show on March 16th, I continue to look back to see how much has changed.  I'm not planning, I'm not making inventory for spring shows, I'm not packing for shows, or looking for new shows, or working on my booth display.  What I have been doing now is working on my website, adding new products, learning as much as possible about marketing in a different way.  It's took a bit to get going again, but part of my "New day, new world, new game plan," is starting to blog!  

It might be stream of conscious thinking, but I'm okay with that right now...I hope you are.



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I’m with you. Now I’m working on me – being in the present, exercising differently, and reading new subjects.


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