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  • My intention for my jewelry and life

      My intention is to create pieces that bring peace to my soul and spread happiness out. What I do for a living: Full-time designer, maker, p...
  • Missing my people!

    Take a moment to reach out, say hello, connect with me on Instagram or Facebook ...or old school connect and text me...or older school connect and call me should you have any questions! 
  • Creating New Structure

    I am a person that is caught in the middle of not liking structure and knowing that structure is what it takes for me to get things done.  I fight ...
  • Design Process

    Beginnings of the lost wax process...
  • Hello, Hola,

    Hello, hi, Salut, ¿Qué tal?, Privet, Ciao, Hallo, Olá offense if I didn't include your language!  Do I speak all of these...uh, no, but I want to welcome all!