Hello, Hola,

Hello, hi, Salut, ¿Qué tal?, Privet, Ciao, Hallo, Olá...no offense if I didn't include your language!  Do I speak all of these...uh, no, but I want to welcome all! 

So, we live in the 21st century as of the date of this blog, with technologies that make the world a smaller, more connected space, which is so exciting, yeah of course, right?!  I'd so like to create a virtual show environment online, and now that all shows are canceled for the foreseeable future, I've had the time to bring my site up to date!  

Being out in the world at shows and having conversations with my clients and people that just come into my booth has been the most unexpected and rewarding part of this journey, so I'd like to make the online part more fun by somehow generating the same spirit and energy online.  We shall see what transpires! 

For all of you that contact me after shows to purchase things throughout the years and NOW...THANK YOU!    And for all of you that have just found me...Yay, and welcome.

As always, I'm open to connect if you need a special piece of jewelry.

In the meantime...



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