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by Carianne

Freeform Sterling Silver Ring Cloud Ring 2

Freeform Sterling Silver Ring Cloud Ring 2

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Part daydreaming, part play, part childhood memories, the freeform series began as I I was playing with wax daydreaming as I looked out the window at beautiful clouds in a dramatic sky and I remembered my mom telling us that if you stared at the clouds long enough they would disappear.  I've always loved making the clouds disappear.  My mom would also sit all four of us down with a blank sheet of paper and have us draw blobs all over the page and then we would go back at make them into animals, or monsters, or whatever we thought they looked like...just another memory that pulled the series into view. The forms take on different lives depending on who is looking at them.  They can be clouds, people climbing mountains, or faces within the dips and valleys of the metal.

I can create - custom sizes, widths, etc. to make them fit you comfortably.  Contact me with your request! Prices may vary according to widths.

Lost wax cast in sterling silver.

Available to ship sizes 5 -7

I can make in whole, half or quarter sizes because we don't all fit perfectly in the whole sizes.  Depending on the ring design, the design can change depending on the size. Made to order pieces - design will vary slightly from the photo, as each ring is handcrafted just for you!


  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Approximately width 8 mm at its widest

Jewelry by Carianne is handcrafted in my studio in Austin, TX  USA. Although I do have some jewelry on hand in my studio, many of my pieces are custom crafted.  My intention is to make pieces that feel good to the touch, and for you to feel the energy and love that I put into crafting each and every piece that leaves my hands.

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